Friday, March 2, 2012


The first task is about how Malaysian culture affects English Language. For this task, we need to discuss the issue and create the PPT slide. Then, we need to present the PPT in the class.
Every group will get the factor that affect English Language. For my group, the factor is educational polices. We had discussion among the group members. We also had search and analyses the information that we get from the internet and books. After that, we sent a draft to our lecturer. From the draft, we had edited it based on lecturer comment.
From this task, I know there are many factors that affect English Language. As we all know, our education was based on examination. There is one of the factors that affect English Language. The teachers only focus to the exam without care about the objective of the study.
During the presentation, I was so very nervous. It’s normal for me because my confidence level was very low when I speak in English. But, I had through the presentation with no problem. That was my opinion. Thank God. 

Monday, February 20, 2012


From the task, we also ask to create a language games. The language game is about on word formation. Our language game is Word Poker. Word Poker is adapted from poker and scrabble games. Words can be given extra meaning by prefixes at the beginning or suffixes at the end. In this game you have to find the right addition to a word to build up the meaning.
This game contains the card that has a letter on it. To play this game, we need at least 2 groups. The dealer will give the card to every group. After that, the dealer will show a few of card in front of the player. The player will form the word with their own card and the card that showed by the dealer. The player that forms the word with the highest mark will be the winner. From this activity, it helps me to understand how a word formed. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


This week we learn about Phonology. Phonology is the study of the sound system of languages. It is a huge area of language theory and it is difficult to do more on a general language course than have outline knowledge of what it includes. Phonetics is the study of sounds made by human when they talk. Phonetic script is an international Phonetic Association (IPA). A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound in a language which carries distinctive meaning. For more information, access:

Honestly, my pronunciation was very worse. I feel so happy during learn phonology. This is because I can improve my pronunciation. I can learn pronounce a word with a correct pronunciation. In this week, I and my group mates has a task that given by Madam Ira. We were asked to prepare a 3 minute mime (non-verbal communication) of a situation that we had chosen.  
Then, in this week also, we were asked to access information from internet for tongue twisters. A tongue twister is a phrase, sentence or rhyme that presents difficulties when spoken because it contains similar sounds. I found out that this tongue twister is very hard, especially when we say it in a faster way. Sometimes you can say it wrongly, and it is terrible if you say it wrongly. For this task, I had practiced very hard. 
This activity also was very fun. We all present it’s in the class. Every group will present the tongue twister that they had chosen. After the group present it’s, we all do the tongue twister together. At the same time, our lecturer corrects the pronunciation for every word that we pronounce it’s with the wrong ways. For more information about tongue twisters, access:
This is our tongue twisters.

1.    Fresh fried fish,

Fish fresh fried,

Fried fish fresh,

Fish fried fresh.

2.    Rory the warrior and Roger the worrier were reared wrongly in a rural brewery.
3.   Denise sees the fleece,
      Denise sees the fleas.
     At least could sneeze
     and feed and freeze the fleas.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The next task is we ask to create a worksheet with two sentences for analysis using tree diagrams and its suggested answers. We will exchange among us and try to answer those worksheets. A few discussions and asking session in order to make sure that the sentences and the analysis of the sentences are correct. Then, it will be a few mistakes or nothing mistake when the draft is sent to our lecturer.
From this task, it’s giving us the chance to experience in create a worksheet. I feel it was not as easy as I thought because there’s a lot of a thing that we need to consider. We need to make sure that the worksheet is suiting the level of the knowledge of the person that answering the questions.
I had learned to understand better on how to analyse the sentences. Before this, I confused to categories the words. But from this activity, it’s improving my knowledge. I hope I can do the best and create a good worksheet for my student. 

Monday, February 13, 2012


Mime is one of the most ancient forms of theatre, appearing around the time of the Greek tragedies. Miming appears very simple but it takes a lot of skill and practice to make it appear realistic. We can use our body to talk. We can use facial expressions and make use of your whole body to do the 'talking'. Use a mirror  to assess what movements are the most successful in conveying emotions, feelings, attitudes and reactions. A video camera, if available, is also an invaluable tool to utilize. 
Start the mime with basic actions. There are some fairly standard techniques that most mime artists begin with. These include manipulating imaginary objects walking in place, climbing imaginary ladders, leaning, and so on.
First of all, we plan our short mime. During this process, we choose a background for the mime. We all agree to choose about love story as a theme for the mime. We created the mime using our creativities. Then, we choose who want to act the character. Fadzillah, Azam and me, play the role in the mime as actor. The cameraman was Hisyam.
We take one night only to record this short mime. During this recording, I was very excited. This was my first time play the role as a main character. From this activity, my confidence level was increase. As a teacher trainer, we can use this short mime in our teaching process. This activity can influence our student’s mood. They also will take part in our teaching and learning process. 
This is our mime video. Enjoy it’s!

Monday, February 6, 2012


I and my group mates has a task that given by Madam Ira. We were asked to prepare a dialogue with at least 5 language functions for role play. We were asked memorize present it’s.  the dialogue before  Role play refer to taking a role of an existing character or person and acting it out with a partner taking someone else's role, often involving different genres of practice
We had chosen the role play for everyone in the group. In this role play, I and Azam will be act as worker. Fadzillah will act as presenter. For the CEO’s character, Hisyam will take it. In this dialogue, there are many language functions. As we all know, language can be used to express our feeling and idea to the other. From this task, my confident’s level talk in front of public were increase. My ways express the feeling and idea was also improve.. This is our dialogue.
CEO               : Tuan Haji Hisyamuddin
Presenter      : Fadzillah
Worker 1       : Abdul Hadi
Worker 2       : Muhammad Azam
Encik Hadi, please inform all board directors, we have an urgent meeting 10 minutes from now.
Yes Encik Fadzillah. Excuse me, we have an urgent meeting 10 minutes from now. I hope everyone will come prepared for the meeting.
(The CEO enters the meeting room)

Adel, Azam & Didie
Good Morning Tuan Haji.
Good morning. Have a seat.
Tuan Haji, this is the file that you asked just now.
Thank you. (Take a look at the file given by Azam for a while). So, should we start our meeting Encik Fadzillah?
Yes, Tuan Haji. Good morning to all of you. We just received a call from our management office from Hawaii. We have got some problems regarding to our project there. Some of the workers are not satisfied with the payment. They wanted the salary to be increased up to 10%.
That’s a really high demand. 10% is not a small amount. We cannot satisfy everyone’s desire.
Yes, I agree. But, I think if we do not listen to their request, big problems might occur.
We cannot let this problem distract our project. This project is our biggest investment for this year.
Besides, we must take care of our reputation. This problem would affect our good reputation now.
Encik Fadzillah, what is their work performance?
Some of them are doing well in their work and some of them are not really committed.
Maybe we can increase the payment but decrease the number of the workers.
Yes, let us keep those who are really committed to their work.
This problem is very serious. So I would like you, Encik Hadi to prepare the suggestion on paper and I would like to have it by next Monday.
I will have that one done Tuan Haji!
As for you Encik Azam, I want you to check each department to analyse the number of workers needed to be employed. Remember, we will give some compensation to help them.
Yes, Tuan Haji. Anything else, Tuan Haji?
Exactly. I want both of you to go to Hawaii to inform the workers there about our planning and I want it to be done harmoniously.
Yes, Tuan Haji. We will do that as soon as possible.
Is there anything that you want to share? If not, the meeting will be adjourned. I will chew over this problem and consider all your suggestions. Thank you for your cooperation.

The function of language:
To Inform
·         Encik Hadi, please inform all board directors, we have an urgent meeting 10 minutes from now.
To Greet
·         Good morning Tuan Haji.
To Thank
·         Thank you
To Explain
·         We just received a call from our management from Hawaii. We have got some…..
To Object
·         That’s really a high demand. 10% is not a small amount. We cannot satisfy everyone’s desire.
To Ask for Information
·         Encik Fadzillah, how was their achievement in their work?
·         Anything else, Tuan Haji?
To Answer
·         Some of them are doing well in their work and some….
To Suggest
·         Maybe we can increase the payment but decrease the number of the workers.
To Agree
·         Yes, I agree.
·         Yes, let us keep those who are really committed in their work.
To Instruct
·         So I would like you, Encik Hadi to prepare the suggestion on paper and I would like to have it by next Monday.
·         I want you to consider to each department to classify the number of workers to stay working.
·         I want both of you to go to Hawaii to inform the workers there…

Friday, February 3, 2012


For this semester, I will take a new subject. The subject is English for Language Teachers (ELE3103). This subject will taught by Madam Ira Bhattacharyya. The credit for this subject is 3 (3+0). That’s mean we will study this subject for 45 hours in this semester. This subject will concentrate about the language and communication. The learning outcomes from this subject are:
1.    Compares features of language and communication
2.    Explain how sounds are produced in English sound system.
3.    Produre accurate English sounds in discourse.
4.    Analyses the different types of morphemes and word formation processes.
5.    Analyses sentence in relation to their word-order and the groups of words they contain.
6.    Transfer knowledge of semantics and pragmatics in different contexts.
7.    Assess own language progress through reflection/journals.

For the first topic, I learn about language and communication. From my understanding, the language is a medium that we can use to represent our idea to the others. The language also has a rule that accepted by the public. In our country, the language is used to unite people.
For me, I hope this semester will filled with useful knowledge that can helps me when I go to practicum and teaching. I apologize if my writing does not reach the level of good writing. Thank you for reading.