Friday, March 2, 2012


The first task is about how Malaysian culture affects English Language. For this task, we need to discuss the issue and create the PPT slide. Then, we need to present the PPT in the class.
Every group will get the factor that affect English Language. For my group, the factor is educational polices. We had discussion among the group members. We also had search and analyses the information that we get from the internet and books. After that, we sent a draft to our lecturer. From the draft, we had edited it based on lecturer comment.
From this task, I know there are many factors that affect English Language. As we all know, our education was based on examination. There is one of the factors that affect English Language. The teachers only focus to the exam without care about the objective of the study.
During the presentation, I was so very nervous. It’s normal for me because my confidence level was very low when I speak in English. But, I had through the presentation with no problem. That was my opinion. Thank God. 

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